What We're About

Tantrum Records

What We're About

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Please allow up to 14 days for delivery - we'll try and get it to you a lot sooner!

Refunds available if you are unhappy with any of our products, just return it within a month in perfect condition and we will fully refund you or replace for something else we have in stock!


Contact jasonofwales (at) gmail (dot) com


our t-shirts are 100% cotton and we are slowly replacing all the range with 100% organic cotton, we're currently about half way there, but the cost is limiting us, as we want to keep good prices for our customers. 

check the description for each individual t-shirt to see if we have upgraded to the organic.

by summer 2019 we aim for the entire shop to be organic.

our printers are all local printers only, we support the local economy and the sole traders and people of cardiff.

we give a cut of every sale to the featuring artist / band and also a cut to the designer of the t-shirt. everyone gets something. no rip offs here! if you have any design ideas or would like to get involved please contact jason on above email.


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